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Feel free to contact us for ordering our smartwind cable rewinders or our compressed air hose reels:

Cable rewinder

The SmartWind product line by athos-c puts an end to annoying tangled cables. No more tiresome searching, no more tedious untangling, no more premature cable break.

Auto rewind
air hose reel

Don’t let your hose get you exhausted! A practical solution for garage, industrial, and domestic use: The auto rewind air hose reel by athos-p keeps you organised!


athos-c - "Rewinding" is our profession and your benefit.

athos-c products make your life more easier, regardless whether cable or hose, earphone or USB-cable or whether for private, professional or commercial use.

We are specialised in unique and clearly designed products maintaining first class quality, solving problems, for which no satisfactory solution wasn´t found yet - as possible in conjunction with a "wow" efffect.

And if YOU see a problem, for what there is no rewinding solution yet, please write us - We will find one.

athos-c - for a more comfortable life.